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A Tale of Purity and Prudence

House of Veda is a health and wellness brand that takes pride in bringing innovation through wisdom accumulated over a millennium. Our premium products are created using authentic, natural, and traditional processes. We are here to uplift your living and build trust through unerring standards.


House of Veda is kind to your health and nature.

Ayurveda intends that individual and nature are interconnected, and so the harmful chemicals used in Nature will have severe ill-effects on individuals. Therefore, we are inspired by Veda, which provides profound knowledge about healthy eating. Ayurveda says, if the food you eat is grown in a polluted environment, it evades its taste and flavour, sinking its medicinal properties.


We believe in taking the best of what nature has offered us. Therefore, we have used organically produced and traditionally processed ingredients without harmful chemicals and additives to curate our products. We pride ourselves in providing long-term efficacy and wellness instead of short-term temporary results that can upset your health. So, we have created products our consumers will love to consume and feel good when using.

We Believe In Taking Care of:


We produce everything traditionally and organically to avoid the conventional chemical inputs and emphasize preventive practices that reduce the requirement for external and off-farm inputs. Our organic management practices include using good quality soil to lay a strong foundation for the produce, following crop rotation, using organic fertilizers (plants, animals, or mineral-mined based), and integrated pest management. We have taken utmost care of our packaging, which is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, and produced with minimal wastage.


We are helping our farmer brothers by collaborating with them and empowering them. We consistently work with the farmers and their families to make them monetarily independent. They are being trained on organic farming and ways through which produce can be improved.


Our products are safe for consumers and nutritious enough to uplift their health. We are highly concerned about people’s health and promote shifting toward a holistic diet that focuses on consuming whole and unprocessed foods, organically grown vegetables & fruits, fibre rich foods, natural sweeteners like jaggery and coconut sugar, and low fat or fat-free dairy products. The power of our ingredients makes the taste and flavour of our products sensational.


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