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Organic & Quality Certification

Organic & Quality Certification

Organic And Quality Certification

We are passionate about raising the standards within the organic industry. Currently, we are amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive GMP and Kosher Certifications. We have Organic Certifications from RSOCA and ECOCERT as per USDA and NPOP Organic Standards.

From preservation of seed to sowing, from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to production through sales and marketing, each step of the way is a testimony of our commitment to integrity, accountability and responsibility for Holistic Quality Assurance.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

SGS GMP certification verifies that all required practices necessary for an effective food safety program are being followed. It addresses hygiene in all aspects of the SGS manufacturing process, including premises and equipment, primary production, packaging, warehousing, distribution, pest control and waste management, as well as routine personal hygiene of personnel.

House of Veda meets the requirements of Codex Allmentarius Commission Guidelines, Recommended International Code of Practices, General Principles of Food Hygiene, CAC/RCP 1-1969 Rev. 3 (1997). 

NPOP India Organic

The Indian National Programme for Organic Production and the India Organic Logo is governed by APEDA, which provides national standards for organic products through a National Accreditation Policy and Programme.

The key tasks of National Programme for Organic Production include:

  • Providing the means to evaluate certification programmes for organic agriculture & products as per internationally approved criteria.
  • Accrediting certification programmes.
  • Facilitating certification of organic products in conformity with the National Standards for Organic Products.
  • Encouraging the development of organic farming and organic processing.

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA organic certification verifies that all United States Department of Agriculture regulations, requirements and specifications are adhered to. It covers a wide range of detailed monitoring and control measures. It is one of the most comprehensive and demanding certification systems to ensure absolute commitment to Organic Certification qualifications as established by the United States Department of Agriculture. 

OU Kosher

The OU logo indicates that a product may be consumed by all those who observe Kosher dietary laws, as well as by many others who have special dietary requirements. Today, manufacturers and consumers view the logo as an independent verification of quality, integrity and purity. By far the largest of the Kosher certification agencies - and the most extensive in its global reach - the Orthodox Union is renowned for its ability to serve its clients needs promptly and efficiently. The conferral of OU Kosher certification on House of Veda raises its profile and helps expand its market base.



Supporting sustainable agriculture is at the very core of House of Veda's mission. Awareness of the devastating impact GMO crops have on farmers in India and worldwide is what spurs our uncompromising support of "Right to Know" GMO labeling efforts.