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Chamomile Powder from Athreya Herbs is a high-quality and all-natural Ayurvedic supplement. It promotes quality sleep and emotional balance through its cooling and calming effects on the mind. Moreover, it encourages a healthy digestive and immune system for a healthy and active body.


  • Herbal Excellence: This isn't just chamomile; it's the crown jewel of Ayurvedic supplements from Athreya Herbs.
  • Sleep Wizardry: With a wave of its floral wand, chamomile ushers you into the realm of quality sleep and emotional serenity.
  • Mind Soother: Your mind's best friend, chamomile, adds a dash of coolness and calm to your daily mental hustle.
  • Gut Guardian: It's not just about feeling good mentally; chamomile also paves the way for a robust digestive system.
  • Immunity Maestro: Boosting immunity is its hidden talent, ensuring your body stays active, healthy, and ready for adventure


Calming Infusion Tea