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Cuminum cyminum is an annual herb that grows to be about a foot tall and is native to China, Mexico, India and the Mediterranean. Its seeds are yellow-brown in color and they are harvested by hand. White or pink flowers blossom on the cumin plant during its three to four month growing period during the hot summers. The small, flat seeds provide a peppery flavor that is used in Mexican dishes, as well as in combination with curry in Indian and Middle Eastern food. Some southern Chinese cooks use cumin to give unique flavors their dishes. Cumin is similar to caraway, coming from the same family of herbs, but has a stronger and coarser flavor and texture.


  • Cumin: The Spice of Life
    Gut Guardian: Cumin isn't just a flavor enhancer; it's your belly's best friend, alleviating indigestion and bloating, so you can savor each meal without the after-dinner drama.
  • Immunity Ignition: Packed with antioxidants, cumin stands as your immune system's trusty sidekick, helping fend off the invaders and keeping you feeling invincible.
  • Energy Elixir: When you're running low on oomph, cumin steps in, boosting your energy levels and spurring you on to conquer the day. Spice up your health with the magical properties of cumin!


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