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Licorice has an impressive list of well-documented uses. It is used to treat a wide array of illnesses including lowering cholesterol levels, healing respiratory tract disorders and boosting immunity levels. Recent studies have found that by limiting the damage from low density lipoprotein (‘bad’) cholesterol, Licorice may discourage artery-clogging plaque formation and contribute to the healthy functioning of the heart


  • Cholesterol champion: Licorice emerges as a hero in the battle against high cholesterol levels.
  • Respiratory remedy: A trusted ally in healing respiratory tract disorders, it's your lung's best friend.
  • Immunity ignition: Licorice is here to boost your immunity, gearing you up for the daily battles.
  • Plaque's nemesis: Recent studies reveal that Licorice isn't just sweet; it's also sour news for artery-clogging plaque.
  • Heart's best bud: Licorice contributes to a hearty, healthy heart, keeping the beats strong and steady. 


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Immune Tea