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Is Coconut Sugar better than other Sweeteners

It is difficult to curb your sweet habits, but it has been found that consuming fructose in excess is the cause of Obesity and type 2 diabetes, resulting in refraining natural insulin from your body. Therefore, it has become a need of the hour to look for a healthy alternative to regular table sugar.

Luckily, Organic Coconut Sugar is one of the newly found alternatives to harmful sweeteners. It is a plant-based organic sweetener made from the sap of coconut palm.

Why is Organic Coconut Sugar a healthy Substitute?

This organic sweetener being unprocessed is enriched with a high nutritional profile and a low glycaemic index that protects blood sugar from spikes. Also, it has a significant amount of nutrients compared to regular sweetener, which contains empty calories. 

Benefits of Consuming Coconut Sugar:

Low Glycemic Index
The GI is a unit that tends to measure the level of carbohydrates in blood sugar. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index compared to regular table sugar. Its GI Level is less than 55, which makes it a good choice for individuals with high sugar and weight watchers. 

This organic sweetener is naturally rich in minerals and vitamin C, which may battle seasonal ailments. It may also help keep the heart healthy because of nitrogen.

Great Baking and Cooking Options
You can replace regular sweetener and exactly use coconut sugar. It has a distinctive caramelizing flavour that can enhance the taste of your delicacies and even beverages like coffee or tea. 

Free from Animal Extracts
Much refined sugar has additives, including bone char, that is, animal bone extracts used to give whiter colour to the sugar. However, organic sweeteners by House of Veda are unprocessed and vegan, which certainly makes it a healthier option. 

Make a Habit of Intaking Coconut Sugar
Let's say goodbye to health problems directly related to overconsumption of sugar and switch to healthy Coconut Sugar. However, ensure using coconut sugar in a moderate amount to live a healthy lifestyle.

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