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Why switching to organic cold-pressed oils is a healthier choice?

Have you ever wondered if changing your routine eating habits can be a profitable investment for your health? However, we all take time to accept how vital it is to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually to lead a healthy life. 

When it comes down to making sure we're getting the most out of our health, there are certain things we should avoid: processed foods (including oils), GMOs (genetically modified organisms), sugar, and so on. If those sound-like things we shouldn't eat or drink at all, then yes! And this is the right time to start by switching your regular oil with organic cold-pressed oils. 

But if you still need convincing, read on because there are plenty more reasons why switching from regular cooking oils to organic cold-pressed oils is just as crucial for your body and soul!

Why is refined oil harmful compared to cold-pressed oils? 

Refined oils go through a harsh and harmful heat process and are treated with acid, alkali, and bleach. Furthermore, it is also filtered, deodorized, and neutralized by toxic chemicals. Also, refined oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that cannot hold high heat, making them inappropriate for deep frying. Refined oil oxidizes during cooking and finally turns into trans-fat, the primary reason behind all the heat problems. 

Reasons to switch to organic cold-pressed oils

There are many reasons to switch to organic cold-pressed oils, but the following benefits are especially compelling:

Organic cold-pressed oils are the healthier choice

Cold-pressed oils are extracted through a natural process and the oilseeds used are grown organically, ensuring that it's better for you. As the method involves pressing oilseeds to yield the oil, all the required nutrients and minerals are retained.  

Organic cold-pressed oils last longer

Organic cold-pressed oils last longer than regular oil. This is because they don't contain pesticides or chemicals, which means the vitamins and minerals in your food will remain intact for longer.

It's better for the environment

Organic cold-pressed oils are better for the environment than their conventional counterparts, which can be made from petroleum-based products. This is because they use plants grown without pesticides and herbicides, so there's no risk of them polluting our waterways or harming other wildlife.

Let's switch to healthy living!

If you are already searching for a healthy alternative to your cooking oil, switch to organic cold-pressed oil. Organic cold-pressed oils from House of Veda, like organic mustard oil, organic groundnut oil, and organic sesame oil, are great choices because they don't contain any unhealthy ingredients. They also last longer than traditional oils, meaning you can use less to get the same flavor as before!

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