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Why Avoid Refined Cooking Oils and What is its Alternative?

Our health is dependent a lot on what we consume and so it is essential to make a cautious choice. When it comes to our heart health, it is vital to know why avoiding refined cooking oil is a must. As refined oils are processed and treated with chemicals, they can have adverse effects on health. So, is there any way to quit cooking in refined oil? Yes, several research show that switching to cold-pressed, natural, and organic cooking oils can prevent the damaging impact on the body. 

This blog will discuss why to avoid processed edible oils and why to say yes to other alternatives. 

Are Refined Edible Oils Healthy? 

Refined oils are the processed form of natural oils. Several harmful chemicals are used to refine it. Moreover, it goes through a bleaching process to remove the raw odour. Therefore, the purification of oil destroys all the essential nutrients. On the contrary unrefined oils are close to their actual form and are processed traditionally. Besides, Organic edible oils don’t lose their nutrient value and flavour, making the meal healthy and delicious. 

Harmful Ingredients Present in Refined Cooking Oils 

There are several toxic materials present in the processed oil. Some of them are:

Trans Fat

Adding hydrogen to the liquid fat is called hydrogenation which results in the formation of trans fats. This process makes the fat stinky and free of radicals which is responsible for cancer and heart diseases. Trans fat can also cause inflammation and obesity.  

Additives and Preservatives

Refined oils have a presence of additives and preservatives in excess amounts. These oils also have artificial flavours, colours, emulsifiers, and synthetic chemicals which are not easy to absorb by the human body.  

Omega 6 and Omega 3 Ratio Imbalance

Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats are essential for the growth and development of the brain, skin health, and the production of hormones. Nevertheless, the consumption of these fats should be in proper balance. However, processed oils have excess amounts of omega-6 fat that can cause Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disorder, arthritis, and many other serious health concerns. 

What are the Threats Associated with Refined Oils? 

Consumption of refined oils is health hazardous. Some of the risks associated with it are: 

It may be cancerous:

The processing of oil includes the use of Nickel which is extremely damaging to human health. The presence of this metal in cooking oil can impact the liver severely. Moreover, it can also cause damaging effects on the respiratory system. According to a few studies, the use of refined is one of the major causes of cancer in tropical countries.

Digestive System Issues

Many oil manufacturing companies add sodium hydroxide during the refining process. It is a highly toxic chemical that can impact the digestive system and may disturb the bowel system as well. Additives and preservatives present in the refined oil can be responsible for problems like ulcers, tumours, and cysts. 

Cardiac Diseases

Many heart-related issues are caused because of refined oil and reheated edible oils as all the valuable nutrients and elements are washed away when oils are heated at high temperatures. This process increases trans fat’s amount which eventually causes harm to the heart health. Regular use of processed oils is no less than passive poison that causes blockage in the valves and is also responsible for heart attacks. 

Chronic Inflammation

Manufacturing of refined oils includes chemicals and additives that can worsen inflammation in the body. It also has omega-6 fatty acids in excess that can exacerbate an impaired insulin response. 

Respiratory Diseases

The refined oil is processed using acidic and alkali treatment. The entire process of refining reduces the nutrient content, smell, and flavour, increasing the risk of several respiratory problems. Regular consumption of these oils can impact the lung's health severely. Additionally, it can cause breathing difficulties due to a reduction in blood circulation to the brain. 

Why Avoid Used and Heated Cooking Oil? 

Many health experts warn to avoid consuming edible oil that has been cooked many times. Used cooking oil is associated with several life-threatening diseases like heart disease, respiratory issues, etc. 

According to research in 2016, reheated cooking oil has a greater peroxide value than unheated oil. Therefore, this can be responsible for cancer in humans. Moreover, when fruits, vegetables, meat, or dairy products come in the oil’s contact, it's prone to contamination. Thus, using unheated or singly heated oil is advisable. 

Why Shift to Alternative Oil Choices?

The guidelines by the National Institute of Nutrition, state that a healthy oil has a balance of three essential fatty acids including Monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), and Saturated fatty acid (SFA). Therefore, cooking oils with this balance are the best choice for overall well-being. 

This is where cold-pressed oils come into the picture as a healthier option. These oils are naturally extracted from their seeds, without any heating process. It, therefore, keeps the nutrient values intact. Moreover, it also enhances the flavours and aroma of the dishes, promoting healthy living. 

It’s time to reconsider the ancient era and explore the benefits of organic cooking oils. You can try buying organic and cold-pressed oils from House of Veda and enjoy nutritious meals every day. 

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